Therapy Gardening

Healing In Action

Gardens can provide treatment for those struggling with physical or mental illnesses or ailments. Gardening is proven to reduce stress, and can help alleviate post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and anxiety. Seeing the fruits of one's efforts through gardening can help a person gain confidence and a sense of purpose.

While healing gardens provide a quiet reflective space, therapy gardens are designed to promote action. They encourage people to actually do the work of gardening as a form of therapy or treatment. Doing so provides opportunities for exercise and mental stimulation. A therapy garden can stand alone as a healing method, or it can be a supplement to more traditional medicinal practices. A garden can be therapeutic for anyone, but a therapy garden is designed to help people with specific disabilities or illnesses.

The National Garden Club seeks to reach out to nursing homes, assisted living centers, veterans hospitals, children's homes, and rehabilitation centers to help promote therapy gardening programs. We encourage clubs and councils to take on projects in their area where thy can be advisors and planners for such groups and assist in any way. We hope this this will help children and adults develop skills and improve their social, psychological, and physical wellbeing through gardening activities.

For more information, contact:
Peggy Tucker, Chairman: Therapy Gardening