Plant America Overview

Focused on Educating, Supporting, Publicizing and Building America's Garden Communities

The Plant America theme for President Gay Austin’s administration emphasizes the cornerstone elements of gardening: the variety of garden types; the elements required for healthy, sustainable gardens; an awareness of environmental issues; and resources to provide needed funds to put garden plans into action. This theme is chosen to help NGC members and the public return to the "roots" of why most members join garden clubs - to learn about gardening!

Committees have been created that focus their attention and efforts on exploring, educating, and supporting the NGC community on their particular area of expertise. This focus has provided a new structure for committees and projects, simplifying and consolidating many former initiatives under new umbrellas.

The Plant America project Community Project Grants Program, chaired by David Robson, has been formed to distribute funds to support NGC member club activities.

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Gardening Committee

The Gardening Committee is chaired by Debi Harrington and comprised of 16 subcommittees.

Horticulture Committee

The Horticulture Committee is chaired by Betty Sanders and is also comprised of a series of related subcommittees.

Environmental Concerns and Conservation Committee

The Environmental Concerns and Conservation Committee is chaired by Jacqueline Connell and was created to provide leadership and focus on the core elements of a healthy environment: Air Quality, Land Conservation, and Water Quality; The focus is protection and conservation. This team will provide conservation information for the education of NGC members and the public, emphasizing the topic of water - its conservation and safety in light of the drought conditions and drinking water contaminant issues in parts of the United States.

Plant America Community Project Grants

This new grant fund is being created to raise funds for, and distribute funds to, local garden club projects. In response to corporate funds not being as available to the NGC community as they used to, President Hargrove has stated that "we must become self sustaining," and the establishment of the grant fund will be a crucial step forward in doing that.

The first grants will be awarded in 2017. Funds will be actively solicited from members, affiliated organizations, sponsors and partners to provide financial and in-kind support for worthy projects. This is not just a 2-year project; the intention is for this to be a perpetual fund that will help sustain member clubs and their projects beyond the 2019-2021 administration.


To learn more about any of the above, see the corresponding pages listed under the "Projects" section of the website, or contact the appropriate chairman

For more information, contact:
David Robson, Chairman: Plant America