No matter where you live, there's a garden for you!

The National Garden Club's "Plant America" initiative focuses on encouraging gardens and gardening. Protecting the environment is one of the most important responsibilities of our society today, and gardening is an easy, immediate way to contribute. Our future depends on the impact we make today.

Growing our own gardens can improve our physical and mental health. Because plants take in carbon dioxide and put out oxygen, they are key to our wellbeing. Gardens can also provide emotional solace for individuals going through a healing process, and sense stimulation for the hearing or visually impaired.

A multifaceted hobby, gardening provides immediate benefits, as well. By attending to their gardens, gardeners get exercise and vitamin D. If they grow herbs or produce, they can sleep soundly knowing exactly where their food came from. Beginning a garden requires a small investment of time and money, which one can quickly make back from selling surplus at Farmer's Markets and passing up produce at the grocery store.

National Garden Club encourages our members to educate others on the benefits of gardening and to make gardening a community focus.

Gardening Committees

Debi Harrington

Community Gardens
Chairman: Bette Fields

Container Gardening
Chairman: Debi Harrington

Habitat for Humanity Landscaping
Chairman: Nancy Bahn

Headquarters Gardens
Chairman: David Robson

Headquarters Gardens
Consultant: Shirley Nicolai

Headquarters Gardens
Consultant: June Kummer

Healing Gardens for Hope and Awareness
Chairman: Carcille Burchette

Indoor Gardening
Chairman: Carol Valens

Roadside/Public Plantings
Chairman: Mary Jacobs

Therapy Gardening
Chairman: Peggy Tucker

Memorial Gardens
Chairman: Wanda Copley

Urban Gardening
Chairman: Fran Stueck

Xeriscape Gardening
Chairman: Beverly Heidel