Environmental Concerns & Conservation

Innovations in Conservation

National Garden Club’s Environmental Concerns Committee is committed to investigating the complex environmental issues facing us today. We encourage NGC garden clubs internationally to continue holding study schools, conferences, speakers, projects, trips and flower shows focusing on climate change, pollinators, recycling, exotic invasive species, or wildlife, air, land and water conservation topics.

We call on all our members to help us identify “Innovations in Conservation” — creative solutions to our environmental problems that could be helpful to our membership in their regions, states, municipalities, and their home gardens. Please share your ideas with our committee. We hope to publish as many as possible.

Environmental Concerns and Conservation 2019-2021

Coordinator: Jacqueline Connell

Air Quality: Flora Vance

Climate Change: Victoria Bergesen

Invasive Species: Phyllis Besch

Land Conservation: Marion McNabb

Pollnator Gardening: Charlotte Croft

Recycling: Gail Vanderhorst

Recycling Vice-Chairman: Hank Vanderhorst

Water Protection: Jacqueline Connell

Wildlife Conservation: Julia Gilmore


Innovations in Conservation

For more information, contact:
Jacqueline Connell, Chairman: Environmental Concerns & Conservation