Garden Club Structure

The love of gardening begins at home!

According to our history book "FULFILLING THE DREAM", the original name of our organization was National Council of State Garden Club Federations, mirroring the structure used in governing our country: a federation of states joined together by a single mission and purpose. In 1935, our name was shortened to National Council of State Garden Clubs, and then was modified again in 2001 to National Garden Clubs, Inc.

All Garden Club activity begins at the local level, in grassroots organizations that provide local communities of gardeners with networking, education and outreach opportunities. Each local club is under the guidance and direction of that states' president, serving as a liaison to national elected and appointed officers.

For those who want to serve the NGC beyond their own communities, a wealth of opportunities are available by serving as project and committee chairman, event or project organizer, publication editor, school instructor, flower show judge and many other positions.

To locate garden clubs in your area, contact headquarters at National Garden Clubs, Inc. or contact your state or local organization via the state garden club websites.

Additional information is available in our membership brochure titled: "Grow Your World and Green Your Community by Joining a Garden Club".

Starting a Garden Club

National Garden Clubs welcomes start-up clubs that can be tailored specifically to a group's needs and interests. NGC and its state-level organizations can help you get started and provide access to the wealth of resources and networking opportunities that our global reach offers. Click here to learn more about starting a new garden club.