Flower Shows Cultivate the Joys of Gardening

Flower shows help spread the word about the joys of gardening

Standard Flower Shows are among National Garden Clubs' most popular educational and social activities.  These colorful, enjoyable events continue to draw crowds across the U.S., while giving club members an opportunity to exhibit plants, floral arrangements and informative displays on horticulture, gardening and projects by local and state garden clubs. Flower shows help spread the word about the joys of gardening and serve as forums for learning and discussing the latest horticultural and design trends.

National Garden Clubs offers a wide variety of helpful resources for those interested in learning more about growing flowers for exhibition, designing floral arrangements or exhibiting plants.  In addition, NGC offers training opportunities for members who are interested in becoming certified flower show judges.

  • What is a Flower Show?

    A blue ribboned winner floral design.A flower show is a competitive exhibition of floral designs and horticulture and may also include educational exhibits.  The basic components of a flower show are a location and date, a chairman of the show, a schedule stating the types of exhibits, staging for the exhibits and judges.

    A judge accredited by NGC can guide a club through these steps.  Other resources are:  NGC Handbook for Flower Shows, Flower Show in a Box available from NGC Member Services, and the Flower Show Stimulus Package on the NGC website.

  • Why Should a Club Have a Flower Show?
    • Flower shows educate and inform the club members and the general public, including subject such as:
      • New cultivars in horticulture
      • What trees, shrubs and plants grow well locally
      • Design trends for the home
    • To stimulate interest by club members in horticulture and floral design
    • To provide a creative and expressive outlet for club members
    • To broadcast, share and convey the objectives of NGC to the local community
  • What are the Benefits of Having a Flower Show for Your Club?
    • The planning and staging of the show develops camaraderie among club members
    • Provides a chance to meet and connect with potential new members
    • Conducting a show educates the club members in floral design and horticulture
    • Earning individual and club awards develops and instills personal pride and confidence
    • Showing exhibits of the club's projects informs members and the public of the club's community service and partnerships
    • As a result of participating in a flower show, members may decide to attend Flower Show School in order to become a judge and thereby be an additional asset to the club and organization as a whole
  • Flower Show Schools provide educational programs for every member

    A flower show winner holding her yellow ribbon next to her winning arrangement.NGC Flower Show Schools are sponsored, planned and conducted by state garden clubs. The schools provide training and welcome members who are interested in learning more about design and horticulture. (For the casual school participant, no exams or specific curriculum are required.) 

    Additionally, Flower Show Schools offer training and preparation for certification exams for those on track to become flower show judges.

    Floral design instruction covers traditional floral arrangements, more progressive creative styles and even design styles incorporating lights and motors! Many students are particularly interested in table setting designs that display the coordination of floral centerpiece, linens and dishes.

    The horticulture curriculum consists of basic information on proper gardening techniques ranging from seed and plant selection to plant culture and control of garden problems. Specific information is provided relating to perennials, annuals, trees and shrubs, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and how to grow superior container plants.