The National Gardener Magazine

A Whole World of Wonders!

The National Gardener is:

  • A continuous circle that connects National Garden Clubs, Inc. to the Region, to the State Garden Clubs, to the Districts, to the Member Garden Clubs and, finally, to the individual Garden Club members.
  • The voice of NGC; communicating with all garden club members.
  • A storehouse of ideas for horticulture, floral and landscape design, flower shows, conservation, and environmental projects.
  • A manual that presents the latest information concerning NGC Awards, and Basic Flower Arranging, as well as information on our NGC Schools: Flower Show Schools, Horticulture Study, Environmental Study, Gardening Study, and Landscape Design.
  • Published quarterly by National Garden Clubs, Inc., Patricia Binder, Editor

For more information about advertising in The National Gardener, please contact:
Patricia Binder, Editor
Phone: (636) 775-2378