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  • Awards Banquet 89th Annual Convention
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | May 23, 2018
    Announcing the 2018 NGC Award Recipients


    Logo Badge for National Garden Clubs, Inc.Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | May 20, 2018 - National Garden Clubs, Inc. is proud to present the full list of award winners from our last term. The winners, which include clubs, individuals, and nonmembers, were announced at our national convention in May. NGC is honored that so many people share our vision of educating others and promoting the love of gardening, horticulture, floral design, and civic and environmental responsibility.

    Click here to download the 2018 list of award recipients.

  • 2018 Award of Excellence Winners Announced


    Logo Badge for National Garden Clubs, Inc.PHILADELPHIA (May 20, 2018)—National Garden Clubs, Inc., one of the nation’s most-recognized nonprofits and the largest volunteer gardening organization in the world, announces the 2018 winners of its highest honor, the Award of Excellence. The winners, who were recognized at NGC’s 89th annual convention in Philadelphia, PA., include Paul B. Redman, George Longenecker, and Jack Wood.

    Click here for Award of Excellence winners.


  • 2017-2019 Administration is Installed


    May 22, 2017 - We welcome President Nancy L. Hargroves of Richmond, VA and her new administration. Hargroves will guide the national organization and work with NGC members nationwide through Plant America, the theme for her administration. “The singular focus of Plant America is on gardens and gardening,” she explained. “Gardening is again at the forefront in America, especially with the surge in popularity of vegetable gardening. In addition, the new Plant America Community Project Grants program will provide funding to NGC members in recognition and support of their community gardening efforts.” Click here to learn more.


  • New Book for Kids! "The Saved Seed"


    The Saved Seed book for elementary school children teaching about a seed's lifecycle from National Garden Clubs, Inc.May 22, 2017 - National Garden Clubs, Inc. encourages you to read and discuss The Saved Seed with the children in your life. The book beautifully illustrates the life cycle of a pumpkin seed, harvested from a Halloween pumpkin, and planted the following spring to grow a new pumpkin the following fall. Touching on soil health, gardening techniques and ways to enjoy a pumpkin, children and adults alike will delight in the story of a seed that becomes so much more. Click here to learn more.

  • Espoma Partnership & Grants


    Join NGC and Monarch Watch to help save Monarch Butterflies Essential Pollinators for our EnvironmentNational Garden Clubs is excited to announce a new partnership with a premier provider of organic plant foods and potting soils - Espoma. In support of President Nancy's Hargroves's project "Plant America", Espoma announced at the Richmond Convention that it would provide grants of up to $250 of their organic plant foods and potting soils to 20 garden clubs. Additionally, they have created an NGC dedicated page on their corporate website recognizing the  "Plant America" initiative and providing resources to garden clubs. Click here to learn more.